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Prime Scottish Hereford

We're currently between meat boxes but we do have some frozen meat still available for local delivery. The meat was frozen at the start of June 2024 and will be good in the freezer until the end of the year.

Please see the price list below for what what we have...

Our next boxes will be available August 2024 - you can follow us on instagram/ Facebook for updates or please get in touch should you wish to pre-order yours today on | 01465 871249

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Tomahawk (~800g) - £40/kg - sold out
Sirloin steaks (2x 12oz) - £30/kg
Fillet steaks (2x 8oz) - £56/kg - sold out
Flat Iron - £15/kg - sold out
Rump steak - £20/kg
Picanha - £20/kg

Slow Cooking

Short Ribs (x2) - £10/kg - sold out (some available frozen for local delivery)
Osso Buco (shin steaks) - £12/kg - sold out
Thor's Hammer (whole shin) - £14/kg
Best braising steak (LMC) - £16/kg - sold out
Brisket (boned whole/ rolled) - £14/kg - sold out

Roasting Joints

Topside - £18/kg
Silver Eye - £16/kg - last one remaining
Salmon Cut - £16/kg - only available frozen

Mince & Diced

Burger Mince (1kg, 70/30) - £12/kg
Standard Mince (1kg, 90/10) - £10/kg
Diced Meat (1kg) - £12/kg
Sausages (x4, ~500g) - £6 - only available frozen
Burgers (2 pack 200g each) - £5.50
Burgers (4 pack 200g each) - £11
Brisket burgers (2 pack 200g each) - £6.50
Brisket burgers (4 pack 200g each) - £13

Postage & Packaging - £10
Free delivery to our local area (within 10 miles)
Payment will be taken via Stripe when we post the boxes start of June

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Beef meat boxes from our own Hereford will be available in spring 2024. Lamb boxes are currently available. Payment will be taken when we post the boxes end of March.

We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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