The Farm



Living, working farmland on the Ayrshire coast, ranging from open hills, to wooded valleys, to lowland pasture and seafront fields.

The farm has been through many changes, most notably with John Dalrymple Hamilton who over the decades has taken it from old-fashioned farming to a more unified forward-thinking business with sustainability and welfare at the forefront.

Today Bargany oversee a mixed farming operation — focusing on beef and lamb, with arable crops and silage feed. The cattle raised at Bargany consist of the main herd (store cattle and continental cross breeds, bred for market) and a new Hereford herd — chosen for their world-renowned meat quality and taste — which we rear for our fresh produce and meat boxes. A native breed to the UK, they are particularly suited to graze the land naturally, in a way that's environmentally sound and ecologically friendly.

Bespoke meat boxes

Meat boxes and direct supply of beef and lamb, bred here on Bargany farms — fresh, delicious and sustainable meat from Hereford cattle that graze outdoors in the clement seasons and enjoy home-produced barley and silage feeds in the shelter and warmth during winter. The sheep are free to graze outdoors throughout the year.

Our Hereford beef meat boxes are currently ready to go approximately every three months, please contact us to order yours!

Seasonal meats, such as venison, may be available at certain times of the year — get in touch for more information.

A Sustainable Future


As trusted custodians of this beautiful part of Scotland for several generations, our duty is to ensure its well-kept, ever-improving and open to new technologies and renewable methods.

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Beef meat boxes from our own Hereford will be available in spring 2024. Lamb boxes are currently available. Payment will be taken when we post the boxes end of March.

We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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