Hereford butchery course Sept 2023

Last month we went on a butchery course with our first Hereford. The carcass weighed in at 332kg, we were thrilled with the meat to fat ratio and confirmation. We wanted to understand how much meat came from an animal of this size and which cuts so we can plan our boxes for future.

We had the meat in 6 pieces and worked on it in two halves front to back, starting with the fore rib and working back to the rump and topsides. Steve the butcher took us through each joint and what it is best used for when cooking.

Once the course was completed we kept all the vac packed meat in the chill to divide into boxes. Then it was shipped off with DPD or hand delivered to be enjoyed at home.

We’ve had some amazing feedback from the first meat cooked, some of the comments we’ve received:

"Fillet steak, 1 1/2 mins either side , rest for 10 mins, have never had a steak so flavoursome, so delicious and so tender….. keep up the good work!"

"This was our fillet steak - just so so good!"

"Bargany beef, swede & mash. Really tender and delicious. Thank you so much."

"Truly outstanding Bargany smashed burgers. Hartgrove Coppa, guacamole and Gruyère! Some of the best we’ve ever had and the real star of the show was the beef."

"Short ribs have gone into smoked short rib chilli tacos. Highly recommend. Incredible beefy flavour."

"Tuesday night is definitely a good night when you’re eating these gorgeous sirloin steaks! The flavour was stand out. Seriously delicious."

"We just made this Osso Bucco with saffron risotto. It was possibly the best cut we’ve used so far. So yummy."

"Tomahawk was absolutely delicious, melt in the mouth!"

"Ossobuco alla Milanese (with beef). Amazing flavour and superbly tender, delicious! We would definitely want that in a future box."

"Ribbons of Bargany sirloin with wilted greens, beyond delicious!"

Cooked beef6
Cooked beef9
Cooked beef3
Cooked beef4
Cooked beef10
Cooked beef11
Cooked beef13
Cooked beef15
Cooked beef18
Cooked beef20
Cooked beef22
Cooked beef23
Cooked beef24
Cooked beef25
Cooked beef27

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